Posted by: Heather A. | January 18, 2010

The Power of Pink

This is the story of how the Pink Princesses defeated the Shot.

My boys hate shots.  Shocker, I know, but they really, really, REALLY hate shots.  Crying, screaming, must be held down…one time by 2 nurses and Dad while a 3rd nurse administered the vaccination.

My oldest, who is 5, is the worst.  You can actually see D working himself into a panic attack upon hearing the word “shot” mentioned.  I know he’s truly scared, but he’s also overly dramatic, and the combination is….you know, I really can’t find the right word to describe the combination, other than REVENGE.  Yes, revenge.  As in, my mother’s revenge for how I reacted to shots when I was a child…and teen, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, D, overly dramatic and shot-phobic (did I just make up a word?), not only works himself up.  Oh no.  In the process, his panic attack induces a similar meltdown in A, his 4-year-old Echo.  And a fun time is had by all.

Last week we had to go for yet another shot.  The last shot was the one where D had to be held down by 3 fully-grown adults and A wasn’t much better.  Since we’ve tried to reason with them (I know, stupid), threaten them, cajole them, all to no avail, this time Dad decided to BRIBE them.  Christmas just ended, so, you might ask, what could there possibly be to bribe them with?  If you are actually asking that question, you do not have children.  There’s ALWAYS something.

In A’s case, that “something” took the form of a pink, Disney Princess sofa thingy. One of those wide foam chairs that folds out into a futon-like pseudo-bed.  D bought the Spider-man version with a Christmas gift card, while A opted for some other toy….and regretted it every day since.  Oh, how he wanted that sofa bed thingy.  And not just any sofa bed thingy.  The PINK PRINCESS sofa bed thingy.

Pink Princess Sofa Thingy

See, you need to understand something about 4-year-old A.  He LOVES pink.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s going to grow up to be The Hulk, and he thinks that Wolverine is awesome, but pink is “the most beautiful color in the world” (no kidding, those are HIS words).  His brother’s love affair with pink lasted only about 6 months at age 3 (D has since moved on to purple and then yellow), but A’s Pink Phase has lasted for nearly 2 years now.  So, this sofa bed thingy, in all its Pink Princess glory, still sitting at the store because A chose something else, represented a bribe of galactic proportions.

Suddenly, A was overheard saying to D, “Don’t worry, it’s just a little pinch.  No big deal.” And “Mommy, we’re going to get a shot tomorrow!”  And “Daddy, are we going to get the shot this day?”  A was ready, nay, EAGER to get this shot.

D, meanwhile, would dramatically shake…but only if he knew that someone was watching.

Cut to SHOT DAY.  After the last debacle, there was no way I was getting out of going to this appointment, so the whole family trekked into the doctor’s office.  All the while, Mommy and Daddy could be heard saying very helpful things to D like “Honey, just try to be brave, just don’t start crying before we ever get in the room, and we’ll go get a toy, okay?” And there was A, hopping around, ready to prove his manhood by enduring the shot and then rescuing his Pink Princess (Sofa) from the local Walmart.

And he did.

Oh, he was scared.  He did not want that shot, but the lure of the Pink Princess Sofa was just too strong.  No shot was going to stand between him and his prize, so he held his breath, listened to the nurse, sat quietly in Dad’s lap, and took the shot.

Over in the corner, D dramatically shuddered…turned on the waterworks as soon as the nurse looked his way…and had to be held down, but this time only by Dad, so I guess we’re making progress.

In the meantime, yay A.  And yay Pink Princess Sofa.

Form of...a Futon!



  1. Thanks for giving me a big laugh in the midst of a trying day. I’ve been lucky so far with the shots – V says she’s scared of them but just gets it done. Incrediboy received two wasp stings (one on each hand) over the course of three days, so he’s decided that a shot is nothing to get worked up about!

  2. […] was Pink Day at A’s class, complete with pink cookies for snack.  (If you remember from The Power of Pink, pink is A’s favoritest color ever, so he was loving that theme.)  Anyway, parents sign up […]

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