Posted by: Heather A. | January 30, 2010

Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day.  A perfect, glorious, so much fun day.

Today we woke up to EIGHT inches of beautiful, powdery, rarely-seen-in-central-NC snow.  And it kept snowing all day.

Today we spent hours sledding down our steep hill of a driveway.  The same driveway that has made this house almost unsellable, but which, on this day, provided the BEST sledding in the neighborhood.  (Next time we try to sell, I’m absolutely putting that on the real estate writeup!)

Today, we made snow cream and hot chocolate, we ate marshmallows, and oh yeah, we fought bad guys (there are ALWAYS bad guys to fight).

Oh, and today, I introduced my boys to my favorite movie of all time…The Princess Bride.  And they LOVED it.  D declared it is his “very most favoritest movie ever”.  A said “I love it how much you do, Mommy” (for the record – that’s A LOT!).  We watched it twice.  We’ll probably watch it again tomorrow.

Today was a perfect day.



  1. This made me smile for so many reasons, but especially that your boys loved The Princess Bride–one of my favorites! What a beautiful day.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That amount of snow is completely foreign to this Texan, but it sure does look like fun!

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