Posted by: Heather A. | February 3, 2010

Renegade Socks

The last load is in the washer, almost ready to be put in the dryer.  Seriously, there are no more clothes on the laundry room floor.  Can’t believe it, the laundry is almost done.

I walk downstairs, and there, on the floor….

Renegade Socks!!!

GAH!  Where did those come from?  I scoured the house before that last load, finding every last piece of clothing that the kids had dropped in their wake.  Those were NOT there before.

Obviously, there’s only one explanation.

The socks are plotting.  They are conspiring against me.  This week it was a white pair.  Last week, the green.  They take turns hiding, and I swear it happens EVERY week.

Of course, that’s just silly.  They’re (probably) not trying to drive me insane.

They’re just hiding from the sock monster that lives in the dryer.



  1. Love this! I could have written it myself because the SAME THING happens at my house!

  2. Well, at least there is a pair. At my house, they only come out one at a time.

    • Oh there’s a whole separate post on my collection of socks that have lost their mates to the sock dryer monster… 🙂

  3. But they are such cute little socks. They give you the “where on earth did you come from” moments, but they also tug on the heartstrings. The big, smelly, man sized ones I find tucked into the cushions of the couch…those really drive me crazy.

    I live in a house full of people incapable of keeping anything on their feet for more than five minutes.

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