Posted by: Heather A. | February 22, 2010

Green Day – Part 1

Last Friday was Pink Day at A’s class, complete with pink cookies for snack.  (If you remember from The Power of Pink, pink is A’s favoritest color ever, so he was loving that theme.)  Anyway, parents sign up for each color day, and our day – Green – will be coming up soon.  I asked A what he’d like us to bring for Green Day snack, which prompted the following conversation.  Keep in mind that A is 4, and his brother D (who naturally joined in with his two cents) is 5.

A: “We could have a cake with icing for leaves.”

Me: “Um, okay, well…. “ I don’t bake, nor do I wish to buy a green cake. “How about Green jello?” My favorite, so I push it at every opportunity.

A: “Ooooh, I do not like jello.” I love how he doesn’t use contractions yet.  So cute. “We could have cookies with green icing.” Notice the theme in his suggestions?

Me: “Yes, we could have cookies.  Hey, what about celery?  I know, we could have celery with cream cheese that we color GREEN!”

A: “Ooooh, I do not like celery.  I do not think I will like that very much.”

D: “Lettuce is green.”

Me: “That’s right, lettuce IS green.  I know, we could have lettuce, and celery, and limes, and broccoli, and peas.”

Now, I know what’s coming, and you do too, right?  “Ooooh I do not like…”  But no, he surprised me.  Because actually, he can’t say he doesn’t like peas or broccoli, since we eat those frequently.  Instead he came up with this gem of logic:

A: “Mommy, it is just a small basket.” They use reusable baskets with napkins to hold their snack instead of paper plates. “It will not hold all of those things.  We should get a green cake.”


And with that, part 1 of planning was complete.  I’ll post part 2, with pictures, in a few weeks when we actually cater Green Day snack.  I’m fairly certain there won’t be a green cake.

To Be Continued…



  1. You could do green cupcakes (green food coloring in a white cake)… same for the icing… and some green sprinkles (like the Hulk). Awww… you could do it!

  2. Do Kiwi’s! On a green cake…

  3. OR you could ask your crazy friend Laura to do some custom cupcakes/cake for green day. Let them eat cake!!!:-)

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