Posted by: Heather A. | August 31, 2010

My Surprise

2005 was a year of surprises for me.  At the beginning of the year, we found out we were pregnant with our second child…just 7 months after I gave birth to our first son, who was conceived through infertility treatments.  SURPRISE!

At the end of August (the 31st, to be exact!), said child decided to arrive nearly 5 weeks early.  You see, he was anxious to join his big brother, and just didn’t see the point of waiting any longer.  No matter that all our baby gear, including the car seat, was still in storage in North Carolina and we were in Georgia.  Nope, little A decided he was ready, and everyone else could work on his schedule.  SURPRISE!!

Since that day, A has surprised us in new and wonderful ways…

With his giggle, which is so infectious and full of joy that you can’t help but laugh with him.

In his ability to scurry across the monkey bars at age not-quite-2.

How he practiced and practiced until he could stand on his head anytime anywhere and then carry on a conversation with you.

In his newly discovered family role as the King of Uno.

With the way he clarifies superlatives so as not to offend God: “I’m going to be stronger than everyone….except God and Jesus.”  “I love you more than anything…except God and Jesus.”

And so, on this day, I wish this beautiful, precious, brilliant boy a very happy 5th birthday.  May he continue to surprise us evermore.  We love you, A.



  1. Happy Birthday A!!! (And a Happy Birthing Day to you!!) xo

  2. Happy Birthday, A! Sounds like you truly are a gift from God! May you continue to delight and amaze your parents and big brother!

    PS…I’m pretty good at Uno, too…maybe we should have a game sometime 😉

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