About Heather

Heather I’m a North Carolina mom of two boys (3 if you count my canine furbaby!), wife to an amazing stay-at-home dad, and I have a full-time job in which I alternately travel and work out of my home office.  Notice I don’t say I’m a “working” mom, because let’s be real — what mom doesn’t work her butt off, whether it’s inside or outside the home???

What will this blog be about?  Whatever happens to be on my mind at the time!  I am by no means a professional writer, but if something I write sparks your interest, please leave a comment.  I was a politics major in college, so I love a good debate.  

And finally, in case you’re wondering, the title of this blog most definitely does come from the 1987 movie “The Princess Bride.”  Besides being at the top of my best movies of all time, I think it’s a great image of what being a mom is all about: Storming a castle manned by 60 men with only Westley, Inigo, Fezzik, a Holocaust Cloak and a Wheelbarrow to help…….Hmmm, on second thought, there are days when those odds would be an improvement!  “It would take a miracle” indeed.

Thanks for visiting.

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